High-Availability Managed Virtual Private Server

Leverage our high-availability Linux clusters for hosting your production mission-critical services, websites or web apps, regardless of which technology stack they require and fully managed by us.

Our active/passive Linux high-availability clusters enable us to host your managed virtual private server with the best reliability, availability and serviceability conditions possible. For this purpose the data of your VPS are being mirrored, in real time over the network, to another node, ready to take over in case of a fail-over. Furthermore, other components, such as storage, network and power, are likewise redundant. These combined with the know-how of our Linux-certified engineers managing your server and its associated services, backed by our Service Level Agreement, makes it a solid platform for running your production environment.

High-Availability Virtual Private Server - Main Features

Common Features
Server Location
ISO 27001-Certified
Linux-Certified Engineers
High-Availability Infrastructure and Servers
Enterprise SSD Storage
Operating System
IP Address
Internal Network
Guaranteed External Bandwidth
Guaranteed Availability
Secure Mail Gateway
Daily Backup
Hardware Firewall Redundant Cluster
Secure Shell Access with Public Key
Server Maintenance
E-mail Support
Telephone Support
Custom Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Debian GNU/Linux 12 or Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
1 Public IP Address
10 Gigabit/s (redundant link aggregation)
100 Megabit/s
> 99.9%

✔ (4 weeks archive)
✔ (server and 3 custom services)
✔ (default deny-all policy)
✔ (root permissions using sudo)
✔ (updates and security patches)
✔ (ticketing system)
✔ (Monday to Friday, business hours)
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High-Availability Virtual Private Server - Package Specifics

Level H1
CHF 120
per month
10 GB
1 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM
Level H3
CHF 190
per month
50 GB
4 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM
Level H4
CHF 290
per month
100 GB
8 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM
Level H5
CHF 390
per month
200 GB
16 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM