Zimbra Mail Hosting

This powerful collaborative groupware combined with our highly-reliable servers and robust network infrastructure will enable you to get the best out of your daily e-mail tasks and associated tools.

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a full-featured and innovative groupware solution for next-generation messaging and collaboration within your organization. It provides everything you need for your everyday collaborative work, such as e-mail, calendar, contacts, documents, tasks and instant messaging accessible via a user-friendly responsive web interface or the Zimbra Desktop client. Alternatively, you can use your own applications like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. Moreover, Zimbra synchronises and integrates easily with other MS Windows or Mac OS software, as well as smartphone applications.

Zimbra Key Features

  • Fast and powerful responsive web interface with application-like features, such as drag and drop, tagging and conversation views
  • Synchronize with iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows-based smartphones and tablets
  • Share your inboxes, contacts, documents, calendars and tasks with others
  • Secure anti-virus and spam filtering system
  • Advanced search capabilities, including within attachments
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook as well as Apple Mail and Calendar
  • Supports IMAP / POP, CalDAV and CardDAV protocols
  • Integrated document management briefcase
  • On-line document authoring with revision history
  • Tasks management

Zimbra Mail Hosting Packages - Main Features

Common Features
Server Location
ISO 27001-Certified
High-Availability Infrastructure
Alias Email Addresses
Secure Web Access with SSL
Secure IMAP and POP Access
Custom Server-Side Filters
Sender Whitelist and Blacklist
Trusted Addresses and Domains
DNS Hosting
Daily Backup


Zimbra Mail Hosting - Package Specifics

Level Z1
CHF 180
per account per year
1 GB
CHF 180
Mailbox Size
One-Time Set-up Fee
Level Z3
CHF 360
per account per year
10 GB
CHF 180
Mailbox Size
One-Time Set-up Fee