Virtual Private Server

The ideal and affordable root VPS powered by the Xen Project hypervisor for the fastest VPS experience possible. In fact, it is so fast that your Linux VPS will boot in under five seconds.

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages provide you with an independent virtual server and the necessary resources that will enable you to have root access to your server and full control over its operating system and configuration. You are free to customise your VPS to suit your requirements and you can use it for tasks, such as web development with Docker, web server, remote desktop, mail server, UNIX shell, VoIP server and many more.
Thanks to the physical location of our VPS servers, in Switzerland, we offer a very interesting low-latency and highly-reliable Internet connection to the entire world.
All of our bare-metal virtual private servers  run Xen, a type-1 native open-source hypervisor, developed by the Linux Foundation and backed by Intel. Xen distinguishes itself by being the fastest virtualisation software in the industry and having the most scalable architecture with near-zero overhead. Moreover, Xen provides the highest possible level of security, by means of fully isolating the resources between different virtual private servers.

Virtual Private Server - Main Features

Common Features
Server Location
ISO 27001-Certified
High-Availability Infrastructure
Enterprise NVMe SSD Storage
Operating System
IP Address
Internal Network
Guaranteed External Bandwidth
Guaranteed Availability
Secure Shell Access with Public Key
Nightly Snapshot Backup
Availability Monitoring
E-mail Support
Telephone Support

CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE, FreeBSD, OpenBSD & more
1 Public IP Address
10 Gigabit/s (redundant link aggregation)
100 Megabit/s
> 99.9%
✔ (root permissions using sudo)
✔ (one snapshot)

✔ (ticketing system)
✔ (Monday to Friday, business hours)

Virtual Private Server - Package Specifics

Level V1
CHF 50
per month
10 GB
1 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM
Level V3
CHF 80
per month
50 GB
4 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM
Level V4
CHF 110
per month
100 GB
8 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM
Level V5
CHF 170
per month
200 GB
16 GB
Disk Space
Virtual CPU
Physical RAM

Managed Virtual Private Server

You may also want to let our LPIC-/LFCE-certified Linux engineers take care of the system administration and operations (DevOps) of your server. This includes backups, server maintenance, monitoring for performance and availability, management of custom services and more. If you opt for a managed virtual private server, then you will not need to do anything except deploy your web app or website and we will take care of the rest.

Managed Virtual Private Server
CHF 80
additional per month
Management of custom services, e.g database, web server etc
Performance and availability monitoring
Secure Mail Gateway
Daily Backup
Hardware Firewall Redundant Cluster
Server Maintenance
✔ (up to 3 services included)
✔ (server and 3 custom services)

✔ (4 weeks archive)
✔ (default deny-all policy)
✔ (updates and security patches)