There are many occasions where projects require extra skill-sets in terms of technology, hardware and software. Therefore, we sought the ability to draw such knowledge whenever necessary, which is why we have formed partnerships with companies that specialise in these fields. The following will give you an idea of who our partners are, what scope of services they offer and how this combines with's services.

Technology and Hardware Partnerships has strategic business partnerships with a few selected and trusted technology and hardware companies, in order to acquire high-quality hardware for its data centre as well as its customers.

Cisco partner

Cisco Select Partner

Cisco is the biggest network technology company around the world and develops and manufactures networking and telecommunication equipment. has always been using reliable network hardware from Cisco and hence partnered up with this technology giant.

IBM Business Partner

IBM Business Partner

International Business Machines (IBM) hardly needs any introduction, having invented many computer components, such as the hard-disk drive any memory during its over 100 years existence. has been an IBM business partner since 2012 mainly because of their System x server family, which has since been sold to Lenovo and now their Power Systems server family based on IBM POWER processor.

Lenovo Data Center Partner

Lenovo Data Center Partner

Lenovo is a multinational technology company mostly known for its ThinkPad laptops, personal computers and servers. As IBM sold its System x server family to Lenovo in 2014, went on to become a Lenovo Data Center partner and so to further use their reliable hardware along with its new data center server family, ThinkSystem. Thanks to this partnership, is also able to obtain and sell Lenovo hardware at advantageous prices.

Software Partnerships has wisely selected a few software partnerships with software companies that are strongly committed to open-source software, by contributing back to the open-source community and providing added-value.

Collabora online

Collabora Online Partner

Collabora Online is a powerful cloud-based office suite built upon LibreOffice and supporting all major documents, spreadsheets and presentation file formats. is a Collabora Online hosting partner with its wölkli Cloud Storage offer, allowing customers to have a complete online office suite in their browser along with their cloud storage.


Docker Professional Partner

Docker is the world leading open-source software for platform as a service (PaaS) container based deployments and developer's favourite allowing for DevOps best-practices. As an official professional partner of Docker, has all the technical skills and experience to help you and manage your Docker containers for continuous delivery of your projects. Additionally as a Docker Value Added Reseller we can offer you advantageous prices on Docker Enterprise licenses should your project require it.


Nextcloud Preferred Partner

Nextcloud is a client-server software suite for private self-hosted cloud storage with strong focus on data privacy being compliant by design for example with HIPAA and GDPR. has partnered up with Nextcloud as a preferred hosting partner for its wölkli Cloud Storage offer. Thanks to this partnership, anyone can register for a free wölkli account, directly through the Nextcloud sign-up page or through the Nextcloud desktop and mobile app.



ONLYOFFICE is an open-source all-in-one office suite designed to work as a stand-alone portal or integrated into many popular web solutions, such as Nextcloud, which we provide as part of our wölkli cloud storage solution. Not only does ONLYOFFICE provide on-line document editing, but its enterprise edition features a full platform for corporate communication, document and project management. is an ONLYOFFICE official partner and can provide managed hosting solutions for ONLYOFFICE's enterprise, integration and even developer edition.

Zimbra Mail

Zimbra Authorized Partner

Zimbra is a full-featured email, calendar and collaboration software suite, developed by the technology and services company Synacor. is a Zimbra authorized partner as value added re-seller and is therefore able to offer competitive prices on Zimbra licenses along with its many years of expertise.