The Company was founded in the summer of 2002, through the merge of two smaller companies, formerly known as Net Oriented and Pentragon.Net. This merge led to a full-featured managed services and hosting company, with a reliable and secure technical infrastructure and mutually complementing skill-sets and services.

Our Mission

Our work focuses on managed open-source software, Linux servers, web hosting, as well as network security, striving to deliver high-quality solutions, by following the nature of technologies and their standards. We constantly increase our level of professionalism by closely following the latest trends in IT. In projects, we make sure to find a balance between customer-driven flexibility and technical imperatives. We aim for full customer satisfaction and, therefore, do all what is possible to achieve this goal, consistently setting ourselves high objectives.

Our Core Values


Personalised Support

We give a lot of importance to human contact and therefore offer personalised and friendly human support at all stages of your project. For us, you are not just a number but an individual or company with particular requirements that have to be met. A simple example is that we typically offer phone support during business hours for any of our products and we do not use an over-taxed support line.

Swiss flag

100% Swiss GmbH is a 100% Swiss company, established since many years in Basel, in the heart of Europe. Additionally, we do not outsource any of our customer services. As such, we respect to the letter and even more the Swiss Quality label. For us, it is of utmost importance to promote all of our services with this well-known, appreciated and internationally-acknowledged quality label.

Renewable energy

100% green is proud to say that it is a green company, investing a lot of effort in respecting the environment. As an example, we do not use any kind of power generated by nuclear energy. On the contrary, we use 100% renewable types of energy, such as hydroelectric power. We also take care to recycle what is recyclable or use recycled products wherever possible. Additionally, we use low electricity consumption equipment whenever possible, without any compromise to our reliable infrastructure. Finally, all our employees use public transport, bicycle or even walk to work.


ISO 27001-certified has acquired the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, following an independent, expert assessment from the Swiss Safety Center AG, member of the STVI Group, the independent Swiss Centre of Excellence for Technical Safety and Risk Management. This highly-accredited certification demonstrates the use of information security best practices, according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management System).


Self-owned data centre

Our entire network and IT infrastructure is, in its entirety, owned by This means that we have full control and decision power over it. Furthermore, it is consisted uniquely of redundant and high-quality hardware, using well-known and established brands, such as Cisco for the network equipment or IBM, Lenovo and HP for server hardware.

Global Network

Reliable Internet backbone

We strive for perfection with our Internet backbone, by carefully choosing the appropriate Internet carriers that meet our high-network requirements for low latency, reliability and security. As such, we have 24/7/365 service level agreements (SLA) with our Internet carriers, which guarantee us 99.999% or even up to 100% availability. We can also proudly say that we are connected either directly or through peering with most of the world's Internet carriers.


Customised services is not a mass web hosting provider like most of its competitors. We'd rather keep a small and stable asset of happy customers than to gather in mass web hostings. This is one of the reasons why we can provide tailored support and the knowledge associated with our customers' projects and services.


Service speed

Speed is another key to our success. We do our best to install our customers' services on our servers, as quickly as possible. For instance, a simple LAMP hosting can be installed within 5 minutes. We take very seriously the time constraints of our customers and if we have any reasons to believe that we cannot meet these, then we prefer to honestly refuse the project than to take the risk of having an unhappy customer.



It is always possible to discuss about any topic related to our services. That being, we are extremely flexible about our products and services, including the price. With any of our hosting products you will be able to get a custom package tailored to your exact requirements. So whatever you require, we will do our best to provide it to you.

Price fairness

Price/quality fairness

Our price/quality ratio is fair and enables us to invest in high quality and redundant hardware, which will ensure that your websites run even safer and faster, so that you do not need to worry about anything. Nevertheless, even with prices we are open to discussion.


Carefully-selected Partners

Through our wisely-selected and trustworthy network of partners, we add many additional competences to our portfolio and, as such, we are able to provide you with any kind of additional service you might need, ranging from web development to corporate design, including web design and even hardware sale.