Ruby on Rails Hosting

Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is a cutting-edge open-source server-side web application framework written in Ruby and one of the most popular MVC web frameworks for rapid application development.

We provide you with the web space and the expertise for your Ruby on Rails web applications to be hosted and deployed on our modern and reliable infrastructure. By default, we use the latest stable Ruby version and Phusion Passenger as the web application server in combination with NGINX as the web server, in order to provide you with increased performance and reduced memory consumption, as compared to other types of deployments. Thanks to rbenv you are able to choose the exact Ruby and gem versions that your app requires, so that your hosting environment fully matches your development environment.

Ruby on Rails Hosting Packages - Main Features

Common Features
Server Location
ISO 27001-Certified
High-Availability Infrastructure and Servers
Enterprise SSD Storage
Ruby Version 3.0 to 3.2 with rbenv
Phusion Passenger Web App Server
NGINX High-Performance Reverse Proxy
SFTP Access
Secure Shell Access with Public Key
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
Secure Mail Gateway
Web Analytics
Error & Application Server Logs
Daily Backup

✔ (on demand)

Ruby on Rails Hosting - Package Specifics

Level R1
CHF 240
per year
1 GB
Disk Space
Database (PostgreSQL or MySQL)
Alias Domain
Level R3
CHF 360
per year
50 GB
Disk Space
Databases (PostgreSQL or MySQL)
Alias Domains