Apache Tomcat Hosting

Apache Tomcat is an open-source web application server, also called a Java Servlet container, that implements the Java Servlet and Java Server Pages (JSP) specifications. Apache Tomcat enables the development and deployment of Java web applications and web services in a pure Java HTTP web server environment.

Apache Tomcat is used as the back-end to process the business logic, while the Apache HTTP Server with its mod_jk connector is used as the front-end. Alternatively, the NGINX web server can be used as reverse proxy to serve the web pages as efficiently as possible. Our Tomcat hosting comes with your own private Tomcat installation, including a dedicated JVM for your Tomcat app. For ease of management of your deployed web app, we provide you with access to the Tomcat Manager Web Application from your own private Java Virtual Machine and Tomcat hosting. All Tomcat versions that are officially supported by the Apache Software Foundation are available for your hosting. These versions currently are 7.0, 8.5 and 9.0.

Apache Tomcat Hosting Packages - Main Features

Common Features
Server Location
ISO 27001-Certified
High-Availability Infrastructure and Servers
Enterprise SSD Storage
NGINX High-Performance Reverse Proxy
Private Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Java Security Manager
SFTP Access
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
Secure Mail Gateway
Web Analytics
Daily Backup
Error & Application Server Logs
Monitoring with Automatic Restart

✔ (enabled upon request)

Apache Tomcat Hosting - Package Specifics

Level T1
CHF 240
per year
1 GB
256 MB
Disk Space
JVM Memory
Alias Domain
Database (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
Level T3
CHF 420
per year
50 GB
1024 MB
Disk Space
JVM Memory
Alias Domains
Databases (MySQL or PostgreSQL)