Education, being an official state-authorised training company for apprentices, promotes and supports education, by being actively involved in the training of young talented people in the Information Technology (IT) field.

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IT-Specialist (System Technology) - Federal VET Diploma

Since 2014, has been accredited by the canton of Basel-Stadt with the license to train apprentices within the company for the four-year apprenticeship and until obtaining the Federal Diploma in Information Technology. At, apprentices are trained according to the System Technology curriculum.


Computer Scientist - Practice-integrated Bachelor's degree (PiBS)

The degree programme praxisintegriertes Bachelorstudium PiBS (practical training integrating Bachelor's programme) is an innovative study model for young people with a general qualification for university entrance (gymnasiale Maturität) that want to enter the professional world directly, without having to give up a graduate degree. The programme consists of 20% classroom learning at the Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (FFHS) in Bern or Zurich, 30% self-study via an online learning platform, and 50% practical work at At the end of this education a federal Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in computer science is obtained.