OpenBSD native Virtual Machine

OpenBSD native powered Virtual Machine

OpenBSD, a real UNIX Operating System based on the BSD UNIX-derivative, has, since a few releases, implemented its own hypervisor, known as the Virtual Machine Monitor. Thanks to the Virtual Machine Monitor, it is now possible to host OpenBSD native virtual machines on an OpenBSD server. OpenBSD is well-known for its proactive security and is considered as one of the most secure UNIX operating systems.

All our OpenBSD native virtual machine packages run on the latest OpenBSD amd64 release 6.4 and so do our OpenBSD hypervisor servers, which host the virtual machines.

An OpenBSD native virtual machine makes a perfectly secure server, which could be used, e.g. as a mail server running OpenSMTPD, a VPN/IPSec gateway, an OpenSSH jump host, a DNS server, a secure chrooted web server using OpenBSD's own httpd web server, etc.

OpenBSD native Virtual Machine Packages

Level O1 Package
Level O2 Package
Level O3 Package
Disk Space 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Swap Space 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Console Access n/a Included
Monthly Traffic Unlimited
IP Address 1 Public IP Address
SSH Access with Public Key incl. root Included
Operating System
OpenBSD 6.4 (amd64)
Price per year CHF 240.-- CHF 420.-- CHF 600.--
Options (additional yearly fee)
Additional 1 GB RAM
CHF 20.--
Additional 10 GB Disk Space CHF 50.--
Additional IP Address CHF 50.--
Server fully Managed by CHF 600.--

OpenBSD root or managed Physical Server

In case you require more power and/or storage for your OpenBSD server or you prefer to have your own dedicated server, we can provide you with a physical server running OpenBSD on branded hardware, such as Lenovo, DELL and HP. You can also chose between a root server, which you manage yourself, or a fully-managed server and let us take care of all the system administration for you.