Nginx Hosting for High-Performance and Fast Web Hosting

nginx hosting

Nginx is an innovative and high-performance open-source web server that has a low resource consumption as well as a low memory footprint compared to other web servers available. It can handle an impressively high amount of concurrent requests at a rapid pace and thus will render your website to the end-user's browser significantly faster. As of 2012, it is the third most widely used web server on the internet and still gaining popularity.

We at are strong enthusiasts of the nginx web server and already implement it since 2009 for various projects and recently as a hosting service. Therefore, we can offer you any of our hosting packages using nginx instead of the standard Apache web server. In fact some of our hosting services, where mentioned, are already deployed with nginx, such as the Ruby on Rails hosting packages.

Our traditional LAMP web hosting (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) packages can from now on immediately be ordered with nginx as the web server instead of Apache for only an additional 50 CHF per year. Included in this price is our nginx know-how to ensure that your PHP-enabled website or PHP application will work flawlessly with the internet's fastest web server.

Should you require your own server, we are happy to provide you with nginx ready up-and-running on one of our virtual private servers or dedicated servers.