Apache Tomcat Hosting


Apache Tomcat is an open source web application server, also called a web container, implementing the Java Servlet and Java Server Pages (JSP) specifications from Sun Microsystems. Thus enabling you to develop and deploy Java enabled web applications and web services. Apache Tomcat is used as backend to process the business logic and the Apache HTTP Server as frontend with the mod_jk connector to serve the web pages as efficiently as possible. For ease of use and deployment we also provide you with the Tomcat Web Application Manager.

The following lists the standard Apache Tomcat Hosting packages available. All packages can be extended by adding one or more optional features from the web hosting options. As with every of our products, if none of the packages should suite you, we can offer you a custom package matching exactly your requirements.

Level T1 Package
Level T2 Package
Level T3 Package Level T4 Package
Disk Space 100 MB
250 MB
750 MB
1 GB
Monthly Traffic 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Apache 2 mod_jk Frontend
Tomcat 6.0 Backend Included
Java Server Pages (JSP) Included
Java Servlets Included
Tomcat Web Application Manager Included
Tomcat Security Manager Included
Private JVM and Tomcat Included
FTP Account Included
Access Statistics Included
Access & Error Logs Included
Protected Directories Included
Custom Error Pages Included
7x24x365 Monitoring Included
Daily Backup Included
Server Location Switzerland (Europe)
Sub Domains no 2 5
Domain Aliases no 2
One time setup fee FREE (no setup fee)
Price per year CHF 250.-- CHF 290.-- CHF 330.-- CHF 440.--