Today's internet web presence and requirements can be very diverse. Therefore we provide various hosting lines, each with different packages depending mostly on the size, structure and custom requirements of the web site, web application or project. We distinguish and offer the four following different categories of hosting:

  • Web Hosting - Traditional web hosting with Linux and Apache including PHP, PERL and MySQL
  • Nginx Hosting - High-performance and secure web hosting using the nginx web server
  • Ruby on Rails Hosting - Rapid object oriented and open source web 2.0 hosting with Rails
  • J2EE Web App Hosting - Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlets hosting with Apache Tomcat
  • CMS Hosting - Content Management System hosting (Magnolia, Communiqué, etc.)

With these five categories of hosting and their respective key products we are able to host any kind of web site, web application or project including all their appropriate extensions and features. This enables us to host small private web sites as well as large business web sites. Should none of our products match your requirements then please contact us, we would be pleased to provide you a custom hosting solution matching your needs and exigences.

Additionally we offer fast and secure cloud storage for private or business usage enabling you to back up, synchronise and share your files wherever you are:

We also provide professional messaging groupware hosting solution for small to large organizations using Zimbra, the leading e-mail and collaboration groupware:

Should you require to broadcast live or on-demand musical content over the internet like an internet radio for example, take a quick look at our audio stream hosting: allows you to host nearly any kind of hosting product and is your professional hosting specialist and partner for high quality hosting in Switzerland.