There are many occasions where projects require extra skillsets, such as graphical design. Therefore we sought the ability to draw such knowledge on demand, which is why we have formed partnerships with specialized companies of their own.

The following will give you an idea of who our partners are, what scope of services they offer and how this combines with services.

Graphics & Web Development is coupled with the following web and design agencies in order to provide complete services extending to the visual design of websites, usability and print media.


» Liip AG - Agile Web Development

Liip is Switzerland’s leading developer of tailor-made, agile web applications. State-of-the-art technologies, tried and tested industry standards and open-source software are the foundations on which our services are built. Developing new concepts and breaking new ground are all in a day’s work for us. We have built an organisational culture that is socially and environmentally sustainable.

We regularly win awards for the know-how and experience that we invest in innovative project assignments for the Swiss market. Our easy-to-use web applications generate value-added for the end user and a high degree of satisfaction for our customer. Liip manages to be a lean organisation without cutting corners: pared-down processes and transparent communication enable swift market access, reduce project-related risks and offer safer investments.


» Nina Stössinger, Grafik & Schrift

Nina Stössinger is an independent designer in Basel with a focus on type and typography. Dedicated to creating smart and individual design solutions in dialogue with her clients, she delivers not only hand-crafted, smaller-scale websites but also printed matter, books, logotypes and typefaces – with a warm heart, a cool head, and much love for detail.



» repix
The web design agency repix is our partner for web design and development. They are excited about new Web 2.0 technology and count agility & flexibility to their main strengths.


» esense

esense is a internet company based in Basel. Services include web programming, web design, texts for advertisement and web and search engine optimization.