oriented.net - The Server, Web Hosting and Development Company

oriented.net was founded in summer 2002 by the merger of two small companies formerly known as Net Oriented and Pentragon.Net. The merger lead to a full-featured internet company with a globally distributed technical infrastructure and mutually complementing skillsets and services.

Field of Work and Philosophy

Our work is dedicated to UNIX/Linux servers, hosting and web solutions as well as network security, striving to deliver high-quality solutions by following the nature of technologies and their standards. We attempt to constantly increase our professionalism by acquiring the latest knowledge in IT. In projects we try to find a balance between customer driven flexibility and technical imperatives.

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The Management Team

oriented.net is driven by two individuals, each bringing specific expertise into the company.

» Marc Bigler


Marc is a co-founder and managing director of oriented.net. His responsibilities include:

  • Systems Administration
  • Business Development & Finance
  • Infrastructure Management

» Dominique Jäggi


Dominique, co-founder of oriented.net, is technical managing director. His responsibilities include:

  • Systems Architect
  • Development & Programming
  • Content Management Systems